Research in sociology


Since 2009 MoRiS has offered students an English-language curriculum focused on kindling research intuition and meticulous theoretical and methodological knowledge. Students and faculty work jointly in investigative projects carrying them from inception to finalization, discussing all along the challenges of acquiring novel evidence-based understandings.

The Master of Research in Sociology focuses on advanced sociological research. Courses are designed as gateways to current conceptual and methodological debates within sociological and social research communities. Students are encouraged to develop and work on their own research interests, to make sense of empirical evidence and to acquire public presentation skills while developing their research projects.

The admission essay should be based on one of the two following topics: a) current theoretical debates in sociological research; b) methodological innovation in sociological research.



I-st semester

  II-nd semester
Analysis of modernity and globalisation
Making sense of statistical information in social research
Migration and social transformation
Gaining an edge: Innovations in market and applied research
Network analysis: highlighting relational patterns
Ethnomethodology and conversation analysis
Netnography and other strategies in online research
Gender studies
Science, technology and vernacular knowledge
Cognition and epistemology
III-rd semester IV-th semester
Causal modeling in social research
Understanding social structure and mobility: social patterns for individual choice
Understanding intimacy, friendship and relationship
Stories and characters: making sense of social action through narrative
Rationality and interpretation
Communication and media studies
Sociology of time
Studies of happiness and quality of life
Intersectionality in social research
Laboratory for thesis drafting and practice-Concepts and argumentation
Laboratory for thesis drafting and practice-Methods and data analysis


Liviu Chelcea, Călin Cotoi, Laura Grünberg, Gabriel Hâncean, Ștefania Matei, Raluca Popescu, Marian Preda, Cosima Rughiniș (program coordinator), Constantin Stoenescu, Monica Șerban, Cosmin Toth, Paula Tufiș, Marian Vasile, Irina Zamfirache, Irina Zamfirescu.


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