Bucharest Summer School on "R" - essential information

The ESF-QMSS2 Summer School on "R" will be organized between the 1st and the 7th of September 2010 within the Faculty of Sociology and Social Work building of the Bucharest University.


Faculty of Sociology and Social Work
9 Schitu Magureanu Bd.
Tel.: +4021 314.03.26/ +40 (21) 315.31.22
Fax: +4021 315.83.91
The faculty is located near the Cismigiu Park, on Schitu Magureanu Bd. (see map)

Hotel Venezia
2 Pompiliu St.
Tel.: +4021 310.68.78
Fax: +4021 310.68.73
The hotel is located in Kogalniceanu Square, corner with Pompiliu Street, just 20 meters from the faculty's back entrance.

How to arrive:

From Otopeni international airport or Baneasa airport:
The airports are situated 16km and 5km North of Bucharest. The cheapest way to get to Bucharest is by bus, but there are also taxis available. There are shuttle buses available every 30-60 minutes, but they stop running at 22:30. Take the bus number 783 from the airport to the University Square - at the intersection of Regina Elisabeta Bd. and Balcescu Bd., in front of the National Theatre - see map. Take right on Regina Elisabeta Bd. and either walk 10 minutes to Kogalniceanu Square or take the bus and get off at the second bus stop.
The price for a shuttle bus return ticket from the airport is approximately 2 EURO (roughly 9 LEI) and the price for a two-trip regular bus ticket is 2.5 LEI.

From Gara de Nord train station:
Take the bus number 85 which will take you to the Kogalniceanu Square, or bus number 123 which will take you to the Izvor Bridge. From both these bus-stops, you can reach the Faculty of Sociology building within 1 minute.

You can find more information about Bucharest public transportation here.

Changing money:

The Romanian currency is called LEU (LEI for plural).
The exchange rate is around 4.5 LEI for an EURO.

There are 500; 200; 100; 50; 10; 5 and 1 LEI bills, and 0.5; 0.1 LEI coins.

To change small amounts of money, there are Exchange houses opened inside the airport (they generally offer lower exchange rates than in Bucharest, though). There are plenty of exchange houses in the Summer School area, opened from 9AM to 6PM.
No exchange commission is charged.

Accommodation and Meals:

We have arranged the accommodation at the Hotel Venezia on 2 Pompiliu Eliade St. The hotel is very close to the faculty building (in fact, they are right next to each other);
Please send us the details regarding your arrival/departure, to make the hotel arrangements.

Breakfast will be served at the hotel. Lunch and dinner will be served at the faculty's restaurant.

Please let us know if you have any special dietary requirements.

Events program:


Days 1-3
Introductory part, getting participants familiar with the R environment:
Interactive use of the R environment, basic types, objects, assignment, various operators, built-in functions, reserved names, vectors and recycling
Indexing vectors, other structures (matrices, lists, arrays), reading/writing, saving, importing/exporting data to/from external files
Control structures (branching, loops), creating and using functions, basic graphics

Days 4 (Sunday)
Social event: a visit to the Parliament's Palace and the Village Museum.

Days 5-7
Demonstration sessions (two per day) on the following applications with R (order to be confirmed):
Advanced graphics (grid, lattice/trellis, producing graphs in formats requested by journals, maps and geodata)
Regression (multiple linear, also logistic)
Factor analysis
Survival analysis
Cluster analysis
Modelling/fitting particular curves, smoothing

Information about each course will be updated in due time.


For any questions and concerns, please send an e-mail to:
Adrian Dusa (dusa.adrian /at/ unibuc.ro) or
Catalin Lazar (lazcatluc /at/ gmail.com).

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