Welcome to the School of Sociology and Social Work!

Our school is one of the largest within the University of Bucharest and offers the largest and the best ranked programs in sociology and in social work in Romania. Our student body comes from all over the country for the wide range of courses, the strong scholarly reputation of the programs and of the teaching faculty, and, not lastly, for the great location, next to the historical gardens of Cișmigiu in the heart of Bucharest.

After graduation, our students go on to continue their studies in our graduate programs or other programs abroad, or pursue successful careers in research, marketing, social work, advocacy, NGOs, human resource management, journalism and media, public policy, and cultural management.

The school’s two departments offer two main BA programs, in sociology and in social work. The programs function within the Bologna system, meaning that students typically attend the three year undergraduate degree program, followed by a two-year master’s program of their choice (within our school or any other).

The program in Social Work is highly valued not only for the solid academic training but also for putting students in contact with volunteer, internship, and practical training opportunities in public institutions and NGOs.

Our Sociology students can choose from one of the three undergraduate minors: Sociology, Human Resources, and Anthropology, all three offering core training in sociological theory and methods (first half of the program) and specific courses as well as electives (second half).

We also offer a doctoral program in Sociology as well as 15 master’s programs: Anthropology and Regional and Community Development; Advanced Research in Sociology; Counselling in Social Work; Social Deviance and Criminology; Risk Groups and Support Social Services; Human Resource Management; Social and Health Services Management; Research in Sociology; Public Policy and Public Administration Management; Prevention and Control of Illegal Drugs Consumption; Probation; Sociology of Consumption and Marketing; Opinion Polls, Marketing, and Advertising; Studies in Security.