Chelcea Liviu, PhD, professor and chair, Department of Sociology

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PhD, University of Michigan, Anthropology, 2004
MA, University of Michigan, Anthropology, 2011
MA, Central European University, History, 1998
BA, University of Bucharest, Sociology, 1997
Non-degree: Bard College, NY, 1994-1995

Fields of interest: ethnographic approaches to consumption, urban studies, kinship and houses, infrastructures
Articles in peer-revied journals
2015, Networked infrastructures and the “local”: Flows and connectivity in a postsocialist city. City 19(3), Taylor and Francis.
2014, Post-socialist Acceleration: Fantasy Time in a Multinational Bank. Time and Society,, Online first.
2014, Urban Geographies of Hesitant Transition: Tracing Socioeconomic Segregation in Post-Ceauşescu Bucharest, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research, Early Online,  
2003, Ancestors, Domestic Groups and the Socialist State: Housing Nationalization and Restitution in Romania. Comparative Studies in Society and History. 45(4):714‐740.
2002,The Culture of Shortage during Socialism: Goods, Strategies and Consumption Practices in a Romanian Village. Cultural Studies. Vol. 16(1):16-43.
2011, The “Housing Question” and the State-Socialist Answer: City, Class and State Remaking in 1950s Bucharest, International Journal of Urban and Regional Research.

2008, Bucureştiul postindustrial [Postindustrial Bucharest], Polirom.
2000, România Profundă în Comunism. [Inner Romania during Communism]. Bucureşti: Nemira. (together with Puiu Latea).
Articles in edited volumes
2014, Work-discipline and temporal structures in a multinational bank in Romania. In Makovicky, Nicolette (ed.) Neoliberalism, Personhood, and Postsocialism: Enterprising Selves in Changing Economies. London: Ashgate, pp. 37-52.
2009, Here in Reviga, There Was Nobody to Wage the Class Struggle”: Collectivization in Reviga, Bărăgan Plain (Bucharest Region). Ȋn Transforming Peasants, Property and Power. The collectivization of agriculture in Romania, 1949–1962. Budapest: Central European University Press.
2006, Gentrification, Property Rights and Post-socialist Primitive Accumulation (Bucharest, Romania). În György Enyedi şi Zoltán Kovács (eds.), Social Changes and Social Sustainability in Historical Urban Centres: The Case of Central Europe. Pecs: Centre for Regional Studies of Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Pp. 127-126.
1999, Nationalism and Regionalism in Banat: Competition for Resources, Elites and Cultural Discourses during the Interwar Period. In The Garden and the Workshop: Rewriting Cultural History in Central Europe, Marius Turda (ed.), Europa Institute Press, Budapest. ISBN 10 9630365227.
Public service
Occasional reviewer for American Ethnologist, Comparative Studies in Society and History, Ethnos, Journal of Consumer Culture, International Review of Social Research.